• Emily Misura

stale urine

leaf light

a baroque quintet

from conspicuous speakers

at 7/11.

shucked feet

plucked feathers

an internal dialogue

between delineations of

haunt vs haunted.

rusty sclera

immutable gravel - 

"time heals all wounds"

& the rest

​of the feel good adages

are complete horseshit. 

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  • Emily Misura

Today is Friday! So of course, this means that the fuckery is running rampant while my patience is running incredibly low.

First run in was a heavier black man, mid 30s:, outside 7/11: "Hey, you got a nice booty."

Second run in when I was almost fully around the lake. I got to the World of Beer area and a black man also in his 30's asked to use my phone. I ignored it, at which point he said: "You're so pretty, you're so sweet, let me take you out to eat."

...not nearly as bad, but equally as stupid.

The third, final and worst was when I rounded the dreaded area by 7/11. I knew it was going to be fucked since there was a group of homeless-looking men hanging outside. I could hear them as I was walking up and kept my eyes down.

"Oh, here comes one."

"She's not gonna stop for you. Look, trying to get back to the office. She got a badge."

"I call dibs on that one." 

(they all chuckle)

GUESS WHAT, FUCKOS? I am not a piece of meat. Also, I hope you get hit by a car.

Not me, surprisingly enough.

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  • Emily Misura

It was really nice to gtfo of Orlando for a few days. I had gone from Miami to Pompano, back to Miami, then to the Keys. But now, I am back at work. And being back at work means being back here, at Lake Eola, the Lake of Death.

It happened almost like clockwork when I went for a stroll despite the sprinkling. There had been a dude in one of those yellow construction vests ready to shout. It was like he was chomping at the bit to be an asshole.

"Hey mama, where you going?"

So I promptly kept my eyes ahead of me and then slightly turned back to give him the finger.

"Whoa! Did you hear me? I'm talking to you. HELLO. DID YOU HEAR WHAT I ASKED?"

And just like that, I was no longer in the Keys sipping fruity drinks with naive abandon - I was back in Shitsville, getting harassed for walking the lake during my lunch break.

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