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August Summary

  • August 9 had three incidents: 1. old man busking on guitar stops in the middle of a song to loudly proclaim, "DAMN YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL," proceeds to laugh afterwards for reasons unknown; 2. fellow Pokemon Go player with whom I've raided before says hello. I say hi. He says, "I see you around here a lot - I've been wanting to ask you two questions." I say, ok what's up. He continues, "First one is do you have a boyfriend?" I say yes. He then lamely tries to recover and goes, "Damn, that's cool, that's cool. I like your style." He never asked the second question; 3. white male, mid 20's starts walking next to me. I keep walking, but a little faster. He randomly states, "You look like a fucked up Harley Quinn." I don't say anything and keep walking, which seemingly frustrates/annoys him. He goes, "I'm not even bothering you, though," and has an edge to his voice. I walk faster and don't say anything. He asks me where I'm from. I don't answer. He then LITERALLY starts making weird EDM noises. Almost like he's beat boxing, but with stupid fucking EDM drops.

  • August 29: Homeless-looking man, white, mid 30s. "What if I said you were beautiful?" I kept walking, which is when the nasty muttering started

There were other incidents but I think I forgot to write them down. What a shame... NOT. I'd rather not remember all the times men made me want to become a lesbian for being disgusting, tactless pigs.


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