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Holy shit, I played with The WHO, pt. 2: Thursday

Thursday rehearsal was about ironing out more of the string parts. Around 1:16, Petey T showed up. This caused me to be a super lurk and text my mom about his arrival, which nearly caused her to "fall out of her chair." He had a score or notes of some kind and was looking over everything while we played. We briefly made eye contact and he smiled at me - good sign! After rehearsal, some of us wanted to go to the beach despite the potential for rain. I actually really like the beach in the rain. No one is there, it's cooler, I can see without squinting, the ocean and sky look prettier... However, there was kind of a freaky disruption. A mother lost her daughter on the beach and was flipping out. A lifeguard eventually found her. I guess she ran away because she was scared of the storm. Her mom was fucked up on something, which was sad. Thanks for that, Florida.

(Nan looking like a damn goddess next to my drowned rat ass.)

We ended up going to a tapas place for dinner... in our bathing suits. I didn't actually have any beach cover up, so I wrapped a huge-ass beach towel around my waist like it was a skirt. (Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.) When I finally changed out of the wet suit, my skin was all wrinkled and elderly. Grossssssssssssssssssssssssss. But it was a fun time nonetheless. I haven't been to the beach in a minute, but ironically will be heading to Longboat Key this Friday! I could do with some r&r&g&t.

I ordered a pasta called "beggar's purse" which I thought was a totally badass and poetic name. Then I looked it up - and apparently, it is a well-known recipe (though my variation was pretty different and also had no meat)! Oh, the things you learn when eating tapas with moist ass. 

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