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Manic Monday

I know I'm writing this after the fact, but figured I'd document it anyway since it happened on Monday and I had the idea on Tuesday to make a blog rather than whine on Facebook.

I was walked around Lake Eola looking for shiny Magikarp (why are they impossible to find) and had gotten to the area with the flags. It is almost directly across from the Disney Amphitheater. I usually like this part since it's shady and there are always a ton of swans out and about.

**Let me just interject really quickly that I HATE when people torment the swans. They step all up in their business like a street fight is about to go down and wonder why they get snapped at. Idiots. I particularly like the black swans. ANYWAY**

I was going to catch this high level Bulbasaur when this dude randomly sidles up behind me and goes loudly, "You're the best thing I've seen out here." I didn't know he was talking to me at first since I hadn't made eye contact (and know now not to), but he then came a bit closer and started rambling: "The swans hate me. The other people hate me. I'm not liked by anyone." I kind of smiled nervously, since I couldn't tell what his deal was. He wasn't exactly being rude or anything, just a little forward. He also wasn't picking up on any social cues. He was a mid 20s white male, chunkier, blonde, glasses, and wore an Orange County Volunteers shirt. I figured at this point he must not be homeless, just mildly unkempt. Since I had looked up at this point, he proceeded, now that he had gotten my attention: "It's not often you see someone so beautiful walking around the lake. What are the chances I'd run into you?" At this point I was getting a weird vibe, so I sort of laughed in a get-the-fuck-away-from-me-you're-being-very-forward-also-I'm-a-cat way and then continued to walk around the back side of the lake. He kept talking as he walked away, though he didn't say anything nasty to or about me. It was just a little unnerving and creepy.

I wore a grey dress with a black collar and sleeve caps with black pants (yes, it is the summer. Yes, I also hate my legs. And really like socks); I had on black glasses, no makeup, hair down. Maybe I can try seeing these interactions as positive, but for now I'll just document it all- positive or not. 

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