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Mullet me be

I have been trying to raid. A lot. Because guess what? There's a shiny God damn Lugia. Look at this fucker: I want him.  I need him. I finally got a 96% Lugia. He is beautiful. But maybe I can still get a shiny. I only have until April 2nd. But today, I did two more raids at lunch. I've done 41 Lugia raids so far. Probably 20-29 since he came back, looking for a higher CP one; I found the 96 the first day he was back. I haven't found a good one since. I also still haven't seen a shiny, and had no luck at lunch either. Then as I'm walking back, a fat, disheveled man in his mid 30's sitting on a park bench loudly asks me, "HEY ARE YOU PLAYING POKEMON GO?" 

I go casually while still walking, "Yeah." He proceeds, thinking a one line answer is somehow invitation to keep shouting questions about something he doesn't actually care about: "SO LIKE, HOW DO YOU EVEN PLAY? WHAT'S THE POINT?" I go, while walking quicker, "You play with other people." He is very encouraged now: "SO CAN YOU EXPLAIN IT TO ME? CAN YOU SHOW ME?" I am already past him, trying to catch a Poliwag. He shouts the same question again, to which I ignore it for a second time. I thought maybe answering once or twice wouldn't be such a bad thing. At this point, he shouts one last sentence before I'm out of earshot: "I LIKE YER MULLET!" I'm assuming he said that because he was pissed that I didn't want to have a conversation. Maybe he thinks mullets are cool and was trying to compliment me. Maybe people should mind their own GD business and let me catch my Pokemon. Just a thought.

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