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sea of fuckery

As the summer months get hotter, the idiots seem to get bolder. There have been even more cat calls as of late. And I know what you're thinking - no, I haven't been wearing more revealing clothes to combat the overly oppressive heat. But even if I did, would their nasty comments somehow then be justified???????????????????????

Here are some of the recent run-ins:

  • Walking into downtown since I thought it would rain and didn't have an umbrella - figured it would be easier and closer to get back if it rained. Short Hispanic male in his mid 40's sees me from across the street. He takes the time to stop, lick his lips, and make a bunch of disgusting commentary I have wiped from my memory as self-preservation and consequent prevention of AIDS. I flicked him off rather obviously, to which he got SUPER BUTT HURT and literally screamed, "FUCK YOU, BITCH." I continued to walk and flick him off, and he continued to shout bitch at me. Some other dude unloading a case of beer into a restaurant looked uncomfortable. That was fun!

  • A triple decker in one day. First dude was AA (I would have said possibly Hispanic because of his word choice, but he had dreads)/mid 40's-50's, shirtless and crazy-looking. He called me "mami" as I walked by. Said something to the effect of me having a nice booty. I kept walking and didn't turn around but flicked him off from behind. This pissed him off and he began shouting and chastising me. He said it was unladylike behaviour, but that it fit because I am actually not a lady but a bitch; next was a Hispanic male in his 60's-70's on a park bench. He blatantly gave me the up-down multiple times and kept remarking, "BEAUTIFUL!" while staring at me (and my butt in particular). I stopped, told him it was rude and an ugly thing to do and he seemed shocked. "Why?" I kept walking; last dude was a white male in his 30's. He passed in front of me and quickly decided to say, "You're bomb. Especially the hair." I answered politely enough and said, "Yes, I know." He seemed disgusted that I agreed with him and shook his head while rolling his eyes. 

It is a never ending sea of fuckery through which to swim.


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