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"Stupid bitch"

  1. A group of four men in their late 20's to early 30's walked behind me and made various rude/nasty comments while I walked in front of them. Couldn't hear much but knew they were laughing and gesturing at me. I got he up down a few times with laughter also. I walked towards the Disney amphitheater but then saw them near the Publix side of the lake when they started talking amongst themselves and sneering again. 

  2. "I like your hair!" shouted the douche nozzle from his souped up 1991 sedan.

  3. Random noise similar to one Yoko Ono would make from a guy in another shitty car that smelled like weed when he rolled down the windows to shout.

  4. Construction worker, white, late 30's. I could tell he was going to be a problem right when I passed him. "Hey. I like how you work that," as he gestures to my ass? My boobs? Who tf knows? I politely but firmly say, "That's not really the best way to approach a woman," at which point he called me a stupid bitch, practically spitting on me from the venom with which he phrased it. 

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