• Emily Misura

Getting called a bitch

It was pretty great that yesterday, while walking the lake, I got shouted at like I was the Superbowl: "HEY GIRL YOU LOOKIN' GOOD DAMN WHAT'S UP." I figured that maybe I would try something different* to see what would happen.

*Note: So many people (MEN) claim that they just women would communicate and be direct regarding whether or not we're interested in them rather than just "laughing it off" or ignoring comments that make us feel intimidated or uncomfortable.

So instead of blowing by him or being outwardly shitty, I stated very calmly, "Perhaps shouting at women on the street isn't the best way to try to go about whatever it is you're doing." He seemed shocked that I actually responded to his mating call of retardation and then, still shouting, went, "FUCK YOU BITCH IT'S HUMAN NATURE." At this point, I proceeded to raise my hand up behind my head and flick him off. From there, I got another fuck you. But it was definitely more satisfying than the last.

It makes me feel very despondent and disappointed that a cat caller would attempt to save face and state that shouting at women on the street is human nature. Very sad indeed, especially when you realize that cat callers feel the need to justify their own maladjusted actions. But considering people have been saying women "dressed a certain way" in which to incite rape, or "shouldn't be blamed for 20 minutes of action," it really doesn't surprise me. And that is the saddest part of all.


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