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My glasses let me see that I don't like you

Creepy dude in Publix told me he liked my glasses. Probably in his 60s, umcombed hair, wearing sweat pants and a baggy sweatshirt. Usually I wouldn't think it was creepy for someone to just give a normal compliment... but after he said he liked my glasses, proceeded to give me the up down and then looked in my cart. Not sure what he was looking for, if anything, but it was very strange. Just FI bro, they don't sell butt plugs here. Nice try.

I don't like when people look in my cart or even comment on items I'm buying. Just let me buy shit and leave me alone. 

We had to check out around the same time, in different lines. He then proceeded to say (slightly under his breath but loud enough so I could hear him), "I do really like those glasses. Hm."

A rule I've learned: if a dude compliments you and seems abnormal, either just ignore him or smile/nod/GTFO. He could be waiting to look in your shopping cart for butt plugs.

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