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tie yourself a noose

not me, but this is the tunic I was going to turn into a noose

I wore a really hip and long tunic yesterday. I was stoked to walk the lake because it was nice out and it got my out of the office. I tied the back of my tunic into a small knot so that it wouldn't drag on the ground if there was no breeze. Of course that was an invitation for some rando to shout at me: "MA'AM. MA'AM EXCUSE ME. WHY'D YOU TIE THAT UP LIKE THAT, WAS IT DRAGGIN IT'S CUTE THO" I completely ignored him and walked by. Didn't even look up though I knew he was addressing me. It's sad when you can't even acknowledge being shouted at anymore.

"If you're the rope that ties us together, please make me the noose." - Anberlin (Blame Me, Blame Me)
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